World Hoop Day.

I’ve just been a video vixen these past few posts!

But I’m really not sorry about it. I’m trying to get as much practice as possible with my GoPro before Mizz Kelsey and I take off on our bike tour across SE Asia!

As most of you know, I have moved from Legazpi City to Santo Domingo, a small fishing village, and commute to work via bike. For a majority of the children in my community, toys are a luxury and free time is spent in the street playing with other children. Often times this is with various items found around the barangay (community)- string, tires or wadded up pieces of paper they use to play a game similar to hackey sack.

During my first week in my community the children were amazed by my LED hula hoop- fair enough, it still amazes me. It was unlike anything they had ever seen before. Slowly, their courage grew and they became more comfortable with experimenting with the hoop, taking turns sharing and cheering one another on as we celebrated our hula hooping in the streets.

Over time, more and more kids started meeting in front of my house for a nightly hoop jam. Before I knew it, I had a full on hoop troop. This has been a wonderful opportunity for the kids to explore their creativity, engage in healthy play and just have fun!

A few months ago, I became a Hoop Ambassador for World Hoop Day. With this, came 17 hula hoops for the kids in my barangay. The magic of bringing them the hoops from Manila to Bicol is captured below (:


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