big. big. big. whale. shark…creatures.

it’s a miracle- praise the heavens- it’s a miracle!

the butanding (whale sharks) have migrated to Legazpi City. This is the first time it has happened, so it has been exciting to say the least. Our boulevard has been literally flooded with Legazpenos coming to try and catch a glimpse of them swimming around.

although they are only babies, these bad boys are massive. these guys are so big that people watching from the pier could spot them. this turned out to be a bonus, as their screams and squeals could serve as an alarm of where we needed to swim to.


One thought on “butanding.

  1. Amazing! Whale sharks, the largest sharks but harmless, they feed like whales. 🙂
    Thanks for the trip, I could almost feel myself in the water! Great post!

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