after a pretty intense month or two at site, I took off with nothing but my backpack. Three weeks on the road. Perfect.

First, I got to enjoy a fineee weekend in Puerto Galera.

My friend Anna and I arrived a day before the rest of our group. We quickly made ourselves at home on the beach, enjoying a few drinks and a nice big pizza. Nom nom nom.

Photos from the other girls:

waterfalls, hiking, snorkeling, beautiful beaches, great food, wonderful friends.

and off to mid-service training (MST) we went. which, to be honest a little mind blowing- more than halfway through service.Ā unbelievable. to commemorate this…fine occasion, we held a “‘stache bash”.

For the month leading up to our training, the fine gentlemen of our batch refrained from shaving their facial hair. On the night of the bash they let their creativity flow and wreaked facial hair havoc. I will refrain from posting pictures for the sake of everyone’s post-Peace Corps career. I’ll let your imaginations wander.

The rest of MST consisted of workshops and trainings. No one wants to hear about that.

Post-MST post (lawlz) coming later. I’m over typing na.


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