my face when…

Some things just can’t be explained with words…that is why lawd God Jesus created gifs.

Allow me to present “my face when”, Peace Corps edition.

When I see another foreigner.

When I’m in meetings spoken in Tagalog/Bikolano.

When my friends from the states make references to current pop culture.

When I see homeless men changing clothes on the side of the road.

When trike drivers try to haggle me.

When I see my jeepney driver take a swig of Ginebra Gin.


When a mangy, starving street animal tries to touch me.

When I’m hanging out with baklas (“lady boys”).

When I try to play luksong lubid/Chinese garter with the kids.

When I happen to be online at the same time as my friends from home.

When someone else sings my videoke song.

When someone asks me if I want balut.

When I get texts from random numbers asking if I want to be their text mate.

When I get together with other volunteers.

When someone mentions they have food from the U.S.

When the roosters start crowing at 3am.

When people actually show up on time.

When I go to grab something and cockroaches/spiders/reptiles fly out from behind it.

When our city hired a truck to drive around for a month playing Teach Me How to Dougie for the town fiesta.

When I go anywhere in the Philippines because people are walking slow.

When I get a package from home.

When I’m forced to eat traditional food that I don’t like.

When I’m being introduced to local officials for the first time.


4 thoughts on “my face when…

  1. This is brilliant and totally reminds me of the `peens. My gf and I met you on a bus from Naga to the beach last Nov.

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